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  • Highlight Listing $0.50 - A colored highlight will make your listing stand out.
  • Bold Listing $0.50 - The item(s) title will be displayed with a bold font.
  • Category Featured $1.25 - Item(s) will be featured above other items in category listings.
  • Home Page Featured $1.95 - Item(s) will be randomly selected to be displayed on our main page.
  • Final Sale 3% of sale price - If your item sells, a percentage of the final sale price will be charged.
  • Post Item - FREE No Flat fee to post your item.
  • Gallery Listing $3.95 - Item(s) will be featured in our gallery sections.
  • Extra Pictures $0.10 - Fee for pictures beyond the free picture limit.
  • Dutch Auction - FREE Sell multiple items with one listing.
  • Trade $1.95 - Fee for the completion of a trade
  • Monthly Store Fee - Coming Soon
  • Store Fee for creating a store front - Coming Soon

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